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Welcome to Unwashed Philosophy. We are busy behind the scenes with the last coat of fresh paint while awaiting the delivery of those cheap curtains you buy at the local Big Box store. As we gear up to get underway we invite you to check out the ‘About’ page or send us a note through the contact page. Soon there will be a discussions page where some number of forums will be established to help winnow down where you ought to go depending on what you have to say.

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About David M. Poff

There's not much to say... I come from a long line of Appalachian folk that landed in America long before flipping off the King was even a twinkle in the eyes of our founding fathers. We have been Carpenters and coal miners... Soldiers & Sailors and pig farmers and Sunday morning circuit-riding preachers. Hell, I'm told we have even been fairly decent bootleggers too. The oldest of my family elders I met as a child were the sons and daughters of farmers across whose red rocky fields the North and South marched and died at Antietam. I am quite sure that my ancestors had more wisdom in the palms of their crooked calloused hands than the whole lot of high-minded and over-educated White Collar class will ever acquire across the entirety of their collective lifetimes. It is my hope that, in the midst of so many lost and self-unaware souls, I might pay forward - even a little bit - of what was handed down to me before it is my turn to swan-dive off this mortal coil.
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