H/T Breitbart I’m not going to waste a lot of words on this story but, given how the left now sees domestic white nationalist racist Trump militia terrorists under every bed, it occurred to me that not enough things are being said about this latest so-called crisis the Liberals are so hell-bent on making us all fear is going to happen at any moment if we don’t hyperventilate and demand total cancellation of the Bill of Rights.

Insisting that the Capitol was facing the imminent threat of being overrun Thursday by bear spray -toting “armed” Insurrectionists intent on overthrowing the United States of America, Congress decided they could not show up for work and conduct any of the people’s business.

Let me offer two observations about how sad and embarrassing our Political Heroes are, and how weak and frail their behavior makes us all appear in the eyes of the rest of the people on the damn planet.

First of all, wasn’t the demand for a military presence outside the Capitol building made precisely to ensure the safety of the people inside the building? Do they really have such little confidence in the ability of 10,000 of America’s best warfighters that they STILL decided they needed to stay home and hide under their beds or in their bunkers? Because of the alleged threat for March 4th? What does that say about them, and what can we infer about their confidence in our military’s ability, heavily-armed, to fight off a group of people armed with nowhere near the weaponry and firepower and equipment at the disposal of our Armed Services and Capitol Police?

Secondly, and maybe more importantly, how is it that, even after the unacceptably-poor initial handling of the breach on January 6th, and after the rioters were dispersed and the building was cleared for re-entry, our Political Heroes couldn’t puff their chests out far enough (in front of all the fawning media oligarchy cameras), in their feigned righteous indignation, to tell us they weren’t going to let anyone stop them from honoring their constitutional oaths and doing the work of the American people?

So, if I have this right, with hardly any security once the rioters were cleared out of the area, they were able to conduct the people’s business but, with thousands of soldiers and miles of razor wire surrounding the building, they couldn’t even show up to do their jobs because they were afraid there might be some remote possibility that some crackpot operation was going to overrun the Capitol again… With bear spray… And overthrow the government?

Do I have this right?

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There's not much to say... I come from a long line of Appalachian folk that landed in America long before flipping off the King was even a twinkle in the eyes of our founding fathers. We have been Carpenters and coal miners... Soldiers & Sailors and pig farmers and Sunday morning circuit-riding preachers. Hell, I'm told we have even been fairly decent bootleggers too. The oldest of my family elders I met as a child were the sons and daughters of farmers across whose red rocky fields the North and South marched and died at Antietam. I am quite sure that my ancestors had more wisdom in the palms of their crooked calloused hands than the whole lot of high-minded and over-educated White Collar class will ever acquire across the entirety of their collective lifetimes. It is my hope that, in the midst of so many lost and self-unaware souls, I might pay forward - even a little bit - of what was handed down to me before it is my turn to swan-dive off this mortal coil.


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