I am proud (and relieved, quite frankly) to announce that my contributing author “Vasa,” and I, have finally reached the end of a 10-month journey during which the two of us wrote a 65, 000-word novel. Suffice it to say that, despite how easy it can be to tell yourself you’d like to write a book someday, I can assure you – at least with my post-stroke visual challenges – it is actually a lot harder than it sounds. I encourage everyone to try it all the same but be prepared for it to take longer than you thought when putting together the first version of your outline.

We are now beginning what some have said is even more difficult than actually writing it; finding a publisher willing to put it into print for the rest of the world to consider reading.

This is where you, dear reader, can lend us a hand.

Neither of us is famous and, because we are just a couple of cuddly old “Boomers,” it occurred to us that if we reached out to the friends we do have, and they reached out to theirs… and so on… we just might be able to reach enough people to drum up some interest and support. Recommendations for publishers to look into (or avoid), or advice, would be incredibly helpful as well.

As we begin sending out what amounts to a series of job applications to random strangers at book publishing companies that have never heard of us before, we decided to share some basic information about the content of the book to pique your interest and help you sort through the people you might reach out to as we go along now into the next phase of this project. Pasted below the line of asterisks is a brief snippet of pertinent information, and we thank you in advance for taking the time to look it over. Questions? Click HERE!
Unwashed Philosophy: A User’s Guide For Our Imperfect Union

A nonfiction commentary focusing on three main topics as they relate to the state of the American Nation in 2021; how we got here, the mess we’ve made, and what we should consider doing about it going forward.

Traversing Judeo-Christian genealogical history, from Abraham to the present day, and superimposing this with our cultural and socio-political evolution since the 50s, we take up 12 chapters, over the course of 65,200 words, making a case for how we might further perfect our imperfect Union before it is too late.

The “elevator” pitch:
“Two old boomers of Appalachian descent-one a blind writer, the other a self-made historian- spent nine months lamenting the state of the American Nation today. The blind guy took notes.”

Sample chapters can be made available upon request.

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There's not much to say... I come from a long line of Appalachian folk that landed in America long before flipping off the King was even a twinkle in the eyes of our founding fathers. We have been Carpenters and coal miners... Soldiers & Sailors and pig farmers and Sunday morning circuit-riding preachers. Hell, I'm told we have even been fairly decent bootleggers too. The oldest of my family elders I met as a child were the sons and daughters of farmers across whose red rocky fields the North and South marched and died at Antietam. I am quite sure that my ancestors had more wisdom in the palms of their crooked calloused hands than the whole lot of high-minded and over-educated White Collar class will ever acquire across the entirety of their collective lifetimes. It is my hope that, in the midst of so many lost and self-unaware souls, I might pay forward - even a little bit - of what was handed down to me before it is my turn to swan-dive off this mortal coil.


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