The Book

The Book, Part 1-Chapter I

It is free will, after all, that is simultaneously both a feature and a bug within our species and is at the root of every victory and defeat we have confronted since the dawn of our existence.

Special Features

A Necessarily – Amiss Christmas Missive

Note: This was first published on Christmas Eve of 2009. The world is dramatically different now. This year, 2020, we are suffering through a pandemic, harsh and seemingly punitive lockdowns, school and business closures, and a subtle yet brewing social, civil, and cultural war. The message this essay intends to convey, however, is timeless.

The Book


We have been working for a while on a novel called “The Mosaic Decalogue And The Political Faith Triad”. Here’s the Introduction.


The Post-COVID Decalogues: Part II

When the rights of some can supersede the rights of others or can be deemed more equal than the equal rights of others, and everyone and no one has any rights all at the same time, humanity and civilization will cease to exist.